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Your needs, wants, specifications and feelings. I feel the best way to have any type of relationship, especially in business, is to have open communication. I will contact you and alert you of any news, information or updates throughout the entire selling process, and I feel it would be great if you would share anything you feel is important with me. You will be my priority, and I look forward to representing you with integrity, persistence, and reliability.


Before we list your home, it is important to listen and pay attention to how the market is doing. I have the tools and resources to make sure that you are connected to what is currently happening within the Real Estate market. I will be speaking with realtors who are representing buyers, and also evaluating other homes that have been sold or are currently active in your area. I will always have my ears open to make sure your home is placed competitively in the market.


More than 80% of realtors are currently working with Buyers. And when it comes time to buy, most buyers will seek a realtor’s expertise. That’s why it is critical to listen to what Realtors and their buyers have to say about your listing. This will greatly impact how we stage your home in the market. Do we need to clean? Is it cluttered? Are we overlooking simple touch-up paint jobs that can potentially sell your home? Buyers’ agents will also be critical in negotiating prices and terms, and it is equally important to carefully listen and interpret their buyers’ interests.

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